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reba and eric

Episode #170 – Should I Attend a BRRRR (Buy, Renovate, Rent, Refinance) Seminar?

On this week’s episode of “Open House with Team Reba”, we discuss the recent trend of BRRRR seminars–the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. BRRRR stands for “buy, renovate, rent, refinance”, and is the new “flip-it and get rich” system being touted online and in ads. We discuss this...

Reba Haas and Eric Aasness

Episode #160 – PMI Tax Deductions, Local Market Snapshots, Refinancing, and DADUs

On this past weekend’s episode of “Open House with Team Reba”, Reba and Eric covered a number of really great topics, including PMI tax deductions, local market snapshots, refinancing, and detached additional dwelling units (DADUs). First up, PMI Tax Credits: Congress actually did a good thing, can you believe it!?...

Mike Olden, Reba Haas, Eric Aasness

Mike Olden: VP Sales & Education at the American Reporting Company

This Week on ‘Open House’, Reba and Eric welcomed Mike Olden, Vice President of Sales and Education for the American Reporting Company. They provide credit reporting and settlement services to the mortgage lending communities. Together they covered topics including: Credit reporting updates that affect consumers and lenders. Are all credit scores...