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Andy Wappler, Sound Energy

Tomorrow’s Radio Show: Andy Wappler of Puget Sound Energy

On this weekend’s edition of ‘Open House with Team Reba’ radio show, Reba and Eric will have on Andy Wappler, from Puget Sound Energy, to talk about the proposed ban on gas in new construction in Seattle. They’ll also give an update on ‘Energize Eastside’ and planning for winter storms....

Reba and Eric

Discussing 3 Articles: “Home Prices are Static”, “Ban on Natural Gas”, and “Tax on Home Heating Oil”

On this week’s episode, Eric kicks the show with off with his market rate update. He explains how the recent sales of soybeans to China might indicate a cooling in the trade war, and how that might influence interest rates. Then Reba and Eric discuss a few recent articles that...

Tomorrow on ‘Open House’: Impact Bioenergy – Turning Food Waste into Energy!

On tomorrow’s ‘Open House with Team Reba’, Reba and Eric welcome Jan Allen, Drew Corbin, and Srirup Kumar from Impact Bioenergy. They reduce energy & disposal costs by generating energy from organic waste streams. Put in layman’s terms, they turn food waste into energy! What’s more, they’ve miniaturized the system so that it is accessible to businesses and communities.

Playback: ‘Open House’: Leslie Meyers, Customer Outreach Manager, Puget Sound Energy

This week on ‘Open House with Team Reba’, we talked with Leslie Meyers, the Customer Outreach Manager for South King County at Puget Sound Energy, about their upcoming program where they provide FREE lighting to business owners. Listen to the show below, and as always we start with your mortgage and...