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In Memory of Tim Burkart, Partner with KHBB Law: Estate Planning & Trusts

Recently we learned our good friend Tim Burkart, who is a friend of the show and a longtime personal contact and colleague of ours, passed away in early October. Tim was on the show back in Sept of 2016, and in the honor of his memory and his wisdom we...


Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Allow Non-FICO Score

Surprising mortgage watchers, the Federal Housing Finance Agency will allow Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to use VantageScore as an alternative to the FICO credit scoring model. How will this affect you when you are scouting out a new home purchase? By allowing new entrants into the credit scoring game,...

Reba and Eric

Discussing 3 Articles: “Home Prices are Static”, “Ban on Natural Gas”, and “Tax on Home Heating Oil”

On this week’s episode, Eric kicks the show with off with his market rate update. He explains how the recent sales of soybeans to China might indicate a cooling in the trade war, and how that might influence interest rates. Then Reba and Eric discuss a few recent articles that...