September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!

Gerald Grinter

I never wanted to be an insurance agent when I left home. It chose me it. I love it! My background is insurance. My father was in the insurance industry for 42 years, and 25 of those 42 years he ran his own agency. I only hope my career in insurance is as long. I grew up working in his agency answering the phone and doing filing (and yes I even had to clean the place on weekends). He was the toughest boss I ever had. I got my start at PEMCO Insurance in 1993 as a captive agent (inside sales). By 1997 I was agent of the year and one of the Top Life Sales reps. I believe in making sure my clients have what they area supposed to have when they need it. That’s why I work as hard as I do. My clients are my family. That’s all of the serious stuff. And while insurance can be serious, I love to laugh and smile. I believe the what world needs is more smiles and laughter. I also believe in paying it forward. Random acts of kindness are the best! Especially when they are given when one is most in need. I’m proud that Rebecca has asked me to join her Team. It means a lot when someone asks you to contribute to something this good. I’ve seen her work. She is amazing. Sometimes I think she has as much energy as the sun. By the way did I mention she is my Realtor!

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  1. Reba Haas says:

    Excellent article and reminder Gerald! After my parent’s accident this kind of thing is again on my mind. It shouldn’t be left on the back burner till it’s too late.

  2. Life insurance is always one of those things that is not often comfortable to talk about. It’s usually something that is put off until we are reminded of our family and mortality. When you think about it. It is one of the most loving things you can do for your loved ones. Whether it’s providing for your children should something happen to you or making sure your spouse won’t have to worry about the little things. Life insurance is a good thing.

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